"Simspice" is just short for Simone's Spice, not simulated spice. I did used to love playing Sim City though.
Spice because I love all that the word entails, literal and figurative. Weren't spices the first known form of currency? Lately I even make Kimchi with a recipe that calls for 1 CUP of chili pepper for one head of cabbage. (Yum)  My fridge is full of hot pickles, hot BBQ sauce and the latest is..well..a secret sprinkle for the table...tbc.  I've been growing herbs and blending spices for so long that I might just start packaging it. The hunt for jars and tins has already begun.

I'm a semi-retired graphic artist from Ontario. I've had training and or work experience in: photography, hairdressing, bartending, graphic design, photoshop and retouching, watercolour painting, picture framing, astrology and herbal medicine.


I have an unusually wide background because of my curious mind...or just over active. Hell I probably have ADD. I don't mock, I can't focus on one thing very long. (I've come to the obvious conclusion that I in fact do have ADD). Sometimes it's a good thing. My spicy personality has been mostly a liability until recently. Not only do people not know how to take me, I'm quite a handful all on my own.

                             My Oma & Opa, Germany 1988

I was born in Toronto to German immigrants and grew up in and north of it. I learned a lot about cooking and gardening and being practical from them. Art and spices were not part of my childhood however. Making a mess was not encouraged but to be honest, what is better? Luckily I got to spend a little time with my grandparents. Herbal medicine was part of my family's history, not an alternative.
I learned a few things from my Opa who had the attic full of drying herb bunches. Tending a garden is just in my genes. How do people live without it?

At twenty I became a vegetarian and discovered Eastern Spirituality. I had to quit the former, being O blood type, I got quite ill. Funny eh. However...there isn't a day that has gone by in over thirty years that didn't actively involve something creative, spiritual, herbal or cerebral.

After years in hospitality and retail and a failed attempt at hairdressing school I went back to college for graphic design...a very competitive field. Four planets in sag should make me crazy competitive but instead it makes me, acquiescent. I could not keep up. The training I received was awesome though...especially in retouching. RIP Shirley.

I used to obsessively paint eyes. To this day my favourite thing is face retouching in Photoshop. I'm starting to get proficient with the digital pen and also enjoy making mandalas.
Wood burning and decoupage are also next in line. Oh and writing too. I would like to write a full biography of my parents' lives soon. They were amazing and fascinating people. My Dad died suddenly in 1997 and my Mom passed away a few years ago. I am not on the same journey as many people I know. I also lost the chance to have children. I suppose there's something else I am to give birth to. Indeed.

There is at least one other book in me also. I'm not sure how to begin but I have to say something about the glaring shortage of dignity with which we treat -ourselves, each other and nature. This will not be easy. Apparently nothing worthwhile is.

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." Kahlil Gibran