January 28

There is an Bell ad campaign, "Let's Talk" on January 28. I felt like it was calling me. It is the anniversary of my Dad's passing and I am a bit annoyed that they chose this day as it meaningful for other reasons.

For years I thought I suffered from clinical depression but good therapy, faith and the willingness to heal have shown me that sometimes depression is a result not a cause.

Be nice to yourself. Be nice to others because you really don't know what they go through.
You can't SEE depression. 

A word about bullying. It is wonderful, the headway we are making in ending bullying. I was bullied in grade school. I was bullied in my personal life. I am fifty and only just beginning to interact openly with the outside world. 


I know I should take the leap and share very personal things if writing is part of my life but it is so hard. Such hate out there...such pain in here..equals, fear.

I saw the header - (today is June 8, 2014) and it caught my eye. It always will. Prior to that day the world was in colour.