Health Tips

We live in uncertain times....or do we? I think the past had more going for it in terms of intuition and nature, and the present has the science and the evidence. Why not put them together?

I suggest we do not live in uncertain times. Modern day North American culture has it's flaws sure (guffa) but if you take a minute to read your history books, we have things pretty good right now.  Having said that, there are plenty of things we can do to ensure a better and longer life. 
I have no formal training (yet) so this is all for your entertainment.  *wink wink*

#If you are to put nicotine and other medicinal patches on your skin - take seriously everything you put on your skin! Many products - most - have phenols and parabens and other things that your liver has to process. Simple rule...would you eat it?

#Don't wear an aluminum based deodorant unless you have to. Yes, there are times and for some this is a lot, nevertheless, when you do not have to, do not. For days off and cold winter days I suggest the natural deodorants or just lotion.

#There is plenty of evidence that all artificial and some natural SCENTS are carcinogens. Use as much unscented everything as you can stand. (this is the candles, the sprays, the shampoos and conditioners, body creams, perfumes, household cleansers, laundry products..etc.) If you have to use them do not inhale deeply.

#Love your liver. It's funny how little we care about our liver when it's the most important organ you can control. It is your life filter (and chemical manufacturer and regulator) Everything you do goes through it. Food, emotions, liquids, smells, skin creams and eventually air. Be nice to it. Let go of anger when you can...breathe through it...believe you have control of yourself and let go. Drink a little less alcohol and a lot more water. Stuff as much herb tea in you as you can take. (ginseng and camomile excepted) 

Try to eat bitter raw greens in your salad a few time a week. (dandelion, arugula, endive)
Eat as little animal fat as you can. Butter being the best, pork fat the worst.

#The secret is out. Sugar is worse than fat. Sugar is everywhere and will kill you years before fat will. Even my grandfather (1907-1996) told us it was pure poison. These days it hides in places you wouldn't expect like fast food french fries and jarred tomato sauce.