Shifting Gears and New Directions

So...the summer is already more or less here and I am apparently getting ready to sell my house. This is my last flip. When I say flip, I have to add that my experience "flipping" houses has been far from what you see on TV. It has been more labourious and also more spiritual than I imagined. I actually have to stop because I physically cannot do it anymore. I would suggest to anyone, do not do it unless you have an army. I say spiritual because in some ways I feel like I have given the gift of my creativity ...left it behind...and have really enjoyed that part. I know people may well have just dug up my gardening effort within weeks of moving in but oh well.

The time has come to change focus and let life be a bit simpler. I just had an image of myself making ointments and it didn't look simple. Fun, yes! You know I was just watching Super Soul Sunday with Oprah doing an old interview with Maya Angelou and there was something about saying thank you when you really don't want to because what is happening is still a gift from God. Indeed! Wow the last few years have brought me to my knees and there will now be a new chapter and plans are being rewritten. It is hard to say thank you for so much pain but I'm getting there.

Oh, I said "apparently" because I've been enjoying my home now that I've staged and decluttered. Figures. Also my efforts to create a toad friendly backyard have really paid off. Yesterday I saw one with orange speckles and it was so friendly.