SPRING YAY! Full steam ahead!

Oh I say yay, but gardeners and property managers would all agree, SO MUCH WORK! Stupid joint pain has me at less than 50% capacity. Well I've also taken on more projects no surprise.
Staining the deck, building a huge planter box, painting a mural on the shed and last but not least, taking an online Herbal Course. Luckily my mind is still up at 80 or 90%. LOL.

The discovery that I have ADD has been a life changer. I was born in 63 and I don't know about anyone else but I hadn't really heard of it or considered the possibilities until the early 2000's. (another downside of not having kids is being out of the loop). So my ability to compensate and innovate is so good that I have fooled most of the people in my life that I am ok. Social anxiety may even have been born out of hiding ADD. The internet NOW is very helpful for information on managing it.

While I said full steam ahead - thinking about the ship analogy.. (ADD makes me think more of a popcorn machine of thoughts...a popcorn machine you can't turn off).
About the ship... I was reading something in Psychology Today about how the happiest and most successful people have reinvented themselves later in life. It went on to say how so many people stay too attached to the identity and dreams of their twenties. So interesting and I agree and am knee deep in reinvention. Dear gawd it has been painful though. I often think in metaphors and when a therapist a few ago said, changing the direction of your life is like steering a big ship.. .it's going to take time. (more research and work - big launch of brand- summer 2016)

Do you ever think of life like a big ship on a voyage? The decision leave behind professional art (that never went anywhere and wasn't fun) and move towards herbal medicine is what I'm referring to. Wow, I've been collecting art supplies for 30 years.

The ship stops at ports to get supplies for planned destinations, go long distances, the water changes, many storms, sometimes great damage happens to the ship. You have to get rid of some cargo, stop and make repairs AND...sometimes change direction completely and sail into waters that were not part of the plan. Sometimes leave behind much that is familiar. The imagery keeps going for me. I even thought, if you stay too long for a rest, holes will form in the hull, maybe critters will gnaw at you....nope gotta keep moving.

The storm was epic. Barely made it. It happened while docked making repairs. Too much cargo on board made it worse. I had to set sail while broken to find a safe place to repair. So I have big patch-up jobs in my sails and I can feel the ache of leaving familiar water before I've even gone far but there is a strong wind blowing and it's forward movement for the first time in many years.