The Plantain is Cookin!

Big day I must say! I've been so busy dealing with house and garden issues that I finally created the time to wild harvest some huge plantain leaves and set them up. I grew up a bit north of Toronto and again amazed at the subtle differences that the Hamilton climate (100km s) makes. Plantain is triple the size here...which is great as it's not the easiest to harvest.

So I wasn't going to use any fresh herbs in my salves because the risk of spoilage but I listened to my intuition that just kept insisting. I will be keeping it separate though. I'll upload photos soon..of the lovely concoction of olive and hemp oil and chopped plantain in the slow cooker.

It is amazing how complicated packaging, labeling and marketing is. If I move again...and people who know me will gasp... yes I probably will be moving to something more rural.. then I could easily give a whole room to packaging..YIKES! So far it is very enjoyable..just too much to do.

There are a bunch of issues I want to write about also, and still struggling with just opening up. I stopped watching Dancing with the Stars because is was so over the top but got back into the last season because of Suzanne Somers, or so I thought. Rumer Willis stole my heart and when she dedicated her trophy to victims of bullying I vowed to address it. I will. I am grateful. I still can't. I'm barely starting to function at 51. That should say something. I despise making excuses but as it was said to me..these are explanations, not excuses. on the hunt for pine sap. Messy messy. Yay!