Happy New Year!

Hi. It's a new year, if you follow the Gregorian calendar. I actually feel like nature's year end is around Halloween. The astrological new year is the first day of spring, but I feel like nature is already well on it's way by then. Coming in a few weeks is the Chinese Year of the Monkey which claims to be filled with mischief and will be a great year for some (rabbit-me!) and less so for the wilder types. It's about time is what I say. Hopefully cooler heads prevail throughout the world. We need cool heads. I could use them in my life too.

I digress as usual. About Simspice products: It's all still on hold because I have not figured out legal issues yet as well as deciding on the direction I am heading. It is mind boggling, the details to consider! I really need a brighter bigger space to work in also and that in itself is more than I can figure out at this juncture. While I am taking the right herbs for menopause, it really feels like mentalpause. Ugh.

I WILL put a few items up for sale - if you keep in mind these are small artisanal batches and that I am not trying to cure anything. ;)

Cedar incense trial number two went swimmingly! It smells like a sage, cedar bonfire. While smelling and burning well...the shape and form needs work for sure.

Slippery elm pastilles trial number one went well also, but again they look funny and will need work..maybe a new flavour also.

Wound wash / boil blaster made from pennycress and myrrh is fabulous but again..it contains vodka so I'm not sure about a few details. As also the cardamom raisins for indigestion.

This website.... YES it will be changed and easier to navigate. I need to figure out the commerce pages. I'm getting there.

Wishing everyone a really great year.

P.S.  Yay, I completed the Intermediate Herbal Course from Herbal Academy of New England. It was really amazing, long, but amazing. The human body is a miraculous work of nature!