Goodbye.. Glenn Morrison

How thick is the shell of your being? I'll bet the older you are, the thicker....even if you don't want it to be that way. It's almost like spiritual scar tissue...wounds..wounds...wounds. I even could say it feels like people can see it. Some can sense it. Most find it ugly, some can relate.

Do you find that once every few years... a look, or a movie or a song presses through the shell like soft butter? Unnerving.

Nature Deficit Disorder


  • Children have limited respect for their immediate natural surroundings. Louv says the effects of nature deficit disorder on our children will be an even bigger problem in the future. "An increasing pace in the last three decades, approximately, of a rapid disengagement between children and direct experiences in nature…has profound implications, not only for the health of future generations but for the health of the Earth itself".[15] The effects from Nature Deficit Disorder could lead to the first generation being at risk of having a shorter lifespan then their parents.[16]"

Serial Movie Watching

What can I say, why watch dreck when you can watch something you love yet again? Ya, I'm getting old, lol.'s a list of movies I have seen three or more times and would happily see again. There is another list...movies that moved me, rather stunned me into submission and sobs and I cannot see them again as to not lessen their beauty. Camille Claudelle, Leaving Las Vegas & Life is Beautiful. There is also the list we all have of movies that were great, maybe saw twice, but am done. List number four is- fantastic movie ..the end. I'll get to that another day.... here are my faves:

Minority Report
Mirror Mask
The Color Purple
The Hunger
Elf (yearly)
Bridges of Madison County
Practical Magic
Van Helsing

War of the Worlds (new)
P.S. I Love You
Star Wars / all

Spiderman 2
The Fifth Element
Sound of Music
The Thomas Crown Affair (new)

Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
Dr. Zhivago
A Bug's Life



Since we are living in the age of coming out, I am coming out as a corny mystic.

I sincerely dedicate all that I do to nature, specifically, trees. People who deeply adore trees understand each other. Trees are not what they seem, they are much, much more. En mass they are the...well....lungs, hair, nails of sorts of the planet. Up close a tree is a whole universe.

Nature needs trees in all forms. The recent ice storm got me thinking, we are always cleaning up "debris" not really realizing how many creatures NEED fallen trees to live. We need creatures to be well fed and safe if we are to be. Someday I will write a book better explaining the interconnectedness of all of nature.


the bird, the bees
the flowers, the trees
the animals
the seas

Craft area ready for podge

Bah. Bleh. I worked so f'n hard at getting a great craft area ready and the whole goddamn world would rather sit at home face buried in social media than come over and goof off with actual paint and glue. I give up. I'm moving.

A poem from Gwendolyn MacEwen

Dark Pines Under Water

This land like a mirror turns you inward

And you become a forest in a furtive lake,

The dark pines of your mind reach downward,

You dream in the green of your time,

Your memory is a row of sinking pines.

Explorer, you tell yourself this is not what you came for

Although it is good here, and green,

You had meant to move with a kind of largeness,

You had planned a heavy grace, an anguished dream.

But the dark pines of your mind dip deeper

And you are sinking, sinking, sleeper

In an elementary world;

There is something down there and you want it told.


January 28

There is an Bell ad campaign, "Let's Talk" on January 28. I felt like it was calling me. It is the anniversary of my Dad's passing and I am a bit annoyed that they chose this day as it meaningful for other reasons.

For years I thought I suffered from clinical depression but good therapy, faith and the willingness to heal have shown me that sometimes depression is a result not a cause.

Be nice to yourself. Be nice to others because you really don't know what they go through.
You can't SEE depression. 

A word about bullying. It is wonderful, the headway we are making in ending bullying. I was bullied in grade school. I was bullied in my personal life. I am fifty and only just beginning to interact openly with the outside world. 


I know I should take the leap and share very personal things if writing is part of my life but it is so hard. Such hate out there...such pain in here..equals, fear.

I saw the header - (today is June 8, 2014) and it caught my eye. It always will. Prior to that day the world was in colour. 

Welcome to The Palette!

Woohoo! I did it! This is a happy day. It has taken years to get to this moment.

So..the plan is to share and say interesting stuff. Those of us born before social networking aren't always comfortable with the sharing part, however I have been called, repeatedly so will do my best. (monthly)

Samples of my art and recipes are on the way!