Random Beauty Advice

I guess I have a superficial side too. Here's the deal...there are always three choices regarding our looks... we can do, or not do, things to make us look better, worse or neutral. Wouldn't you want someone to tell you if your going in the worse direction? I would.

I painted eyes and faces for years and have also been trained as a retoucher and a hairdresser and have been told I have an "eye" lol. What the heck, I'll just go for it!

Rule number #1 - Do what you want and what make you feel happy and beautiful. This is the bottom line. You truly do not have to follow trends.

2. Nothing beats great grooming.

3. Heavy Rimmed Glasses - look much better with a minus prescription than a plus. Keep in mind you are trying them on with neutral lenses and you're probably smiling. Heavy rimmed glasses look a lot less attractive when your not in a good mood, magnified! 

4. Almost no one over 30 looks good with unnatural red shades of hair colour.

5. Unless you're 16 or it's a wild party - only natural tones of make up are flattering. This is a bit of taste issue but I think if ones eye goes right to make up or jewellery and not your face you have failed in whatever you were going for (or are hiding)

6. Height and hair length - Very short people don't suit very long hair - very tall people might not look so great with a buzz cut.

7. Hiding your flaws is a slippery slope and at least half of people get the opposite result. For example - Adding a bob to hide a heavy jawline just brings all the attention there. Go longer or shorter - AWAY.  Or heavy bangs to detract from a largish nose again will draw all the attention where you don't want it.