I'm going to have to elaborate another time but I listened to something on CBC radio a few days ago and my mind is just churning around so many thoughts and emotions and passions about this. First I feel De-Growth is an awful name for something very wonderful. Sustainability is really what the issue but it's more isn't it? It's a whole cultural mindset. This is such a big and heavy topic..yikes! In many ways we have been pretty much brainwashed to consume..I can speak only for Ontario..since birth. Anyone can see, that our ways are not sustainable on a finite planet. It's f'n math. There seems to be a lot of delusion going on. What is up with that?

OK..I'm not a gamer but I know enough to know about levels and powers and the ilk. Bear with work hard repeatedly on one level, gather special powers and gifts to help you when you rise to the next level, right? If you mastered every level of a game...ideally you could help a newbie at level one. Do you see where I am going? Our behaviour - in western culture is like endlessly acquiring powers and gifts at level one and being too comfortable and lazy to move up a level...from material to character building then to spiritual and/or morality building and for sure ultimately back to helping newbies!